Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms and treatments of High Blood Pressure

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension High blood pressure or hypertension is a serious medical condition which occurs when the force of blood that is pumped through the arteries is strong. The heart beats pushes the blood to the whole body through the arteries. When this blood pushes harder on the arterial walls the blood pressure goes up. The blood pressure varies at different times of the day and is high when you are under stress. Hypertension if left untreated leads to heart diseases. High blood pressure may exist in the body without manifesting any symptoms. But it continues its damage to the blood vessels and the heart. Uncontrolled blood pressure increases the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

High blood pressure or hypertension develops gradually over the years and eventually affects everyone. People generally tend to neglect their health as most hypertension is primary. When the conventional treatment is unsuccessful or if reports suggest a secondary cause, further tests are necessary.

Imbalanced Chakra related to Chronic Tiredness/Fatigue

Chronic fatigue or tiredness is caused due to the blocked Manipura Chakra. Manipura Chakra or the Navel Chakra is the region of fire that burns within us and guides our action in our daily lives. It is the seat of power and the creator of vitality. Manipura Chakra is blocked whenever a person consciously gives powers to others, has limiting belief related to powers or does not take a position related to power. (One of the reasons for this may be an oppressed childhood or a submissive nature). Manipura Chakra governs the digestion of the food and gives the Prana or energy from the food to the body. When the Manipura is imbalanced the body is robbed of this Prana and the person experiences stomach issues, weakness and chronic tiredness.

An ancient alternative therapy for hypertension or high blood pressure, apart from the hypertension treatment remedies, is growing popular day by day which is known as the Chakra Therapy. According to the healing therapists, hypertension or high blood pressure could be a result of an imbalance in Heart Chakra and Manipura Chakra.

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