Prostate Problem and Muladhara Chakra

What are the Prostate Problems?

Prostate Problems Prostate is a little gland and an integral part of the male reproductive system. It can cause health issues as a man grows older. Although prostate cancer is the gravest problem, there are several other issues caused by the prostate. If anyone senses some anomaly with the prostate then a doctor needs to be consulted as soon as possible. It is always best to get a frequent check-up of prostate so that any issues with the prostate gland are detected at the earliest and the treatment commences immediately. One of the common prostate problems faced by older men is the enlarged prostate which results in urinary issues. Frequent sensation to urinate is another trouble caused by the prostate. Others are benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic prostatitis (non-bacterial)

Imbalanced Chakra related to Prostate Gland Problems

Prostate gland problems originate from the location of the Muladhara Chakra. A blocked Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra obstructs the survival instinct (governed by this Chakra) and this misrepresented view of survival causes issues in the prostate. This Chakra gives support and stability in life and instills the ability to face challenges in life. When it is blocked, one experiences fear of facing challenges. These fears manifest into issues relating to prostate glands and excretory organs.

Treating Prostate issues with Chakra Therapy

Chakra Therapy is a unique technique to open the blocked Chakras in the body and treat the ailments caused by these blockages. Chakra Therapy is an alternate therapy that does not have any side effects and treats not only the disease but transforms the affected individual to find the purpose in life and face it with renewed energy and vigor. Chakra therapy opens the Muladhara Chakra and with the renewed energy and vigor the individual can counter any prostate issues.

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy for Chakra Healing

Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy (RRST) uses specific Rudraksha and Ratna in evolved stringing methodology for chakra awakening and healing. A blocked Muladhara Chakra can be opened with the use of Rudraksha, gemstones and other techniques. Choosing the appropriate Rudraksha and Ratna as well as wearing them as per RRST methodology unblocks the Root Chakra and controls and cures prostate issues.

The following Rudraksha and gemstones are advised to those with prostate issues: 6 Mukhi and 14 Mukhi and Coral gemstone.

Causes & Symptoms

  • Advancing age
  • Family history
  • Race
  • Urinary tract or bladder infection
  • Injuries to the pelvis
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse
  • Diet high in animal fats etc.
  • Frequent urination
  • Sudden need to urinate
  • Urinary incontinence
  • A feeling that your bladder has not emptied completely
  • Pain while your urinate
  • Blood in the urine
  • Middle or lower back pain etc.
Chakra Associated with Prostate Problems Muladhara or Root Chakra
Chakra Blocked By Being lazy and avoiding critical issues to be faced in life
Chakra Unblocked When You become practical and grounded, stand on your feet and face reality
Rudraksha for Treating Prostate Problems 6 Mukhi and 14 Mukhi
Gemstone for Treating Prostate Problems Coral

You can consult our experts at Rudraksha Ratna and find the right Rudraksha/Gemstone and their wearing methodology to prevent and cure Prostate Problem. Rudraksha Ratna provides expert guidance on all health related issues caused by blocked Chakras.

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